Why Sports Are Good for You!

Sports (or sports) refers to any form of generally competitive physical activity that, though involving only physical activity, aim to utilize, improve or maintain certain skill and/or physical ability while providing enjoyment to participants, and sometimes, spectators, for a long term or short term period of time. Sports are typically competitive but there are sports that do not necessarily require high level physical activities, such as children’s games, swimming, hiking and gardening. As physical fitness develops in children through playing games and exercises, the child begins to view physical exercise as a regular part of their daily activity. The term ‘sport’ actually comes from the word ‘stationery’, referring to tools used in carrying out physical activities. Because sports require a great deal of skill and strategy, many people consider it an activity that should be learned rather than just pursued for fun.


In most sports, whether played professionally or casually, the participants engage in a number of physical tasks, including sprinting, throwing, kicking, climbing and running. Each of these requires specific movements that are honed by practice and can include strength training, flexibility training, balance training and endurance training, among other things. As a result, the participant must be in good shape and able to exert maximum effort to succeed in the sport.

However, there is a distinction between the amount of physical exertion required to win a particular game or match, and what fans consider to be successful sportsmanship. Some would argue that while skill and strategy are important parts of sporting activity, winning is usually left to the specialists: the professionals in the field of sports. There are also those who would define sportsmanship as the total approach to sport, as opposed to competition, wherein the winner is defined by achievements and distinction, rather than individual performance or efforts. Regardless of how you look at sports, the fact of its existence and the energy it requires to be won are indisputable. As such, sports, even during pre-professional stages, are considered to be exercises for the body, mind and spirit. And now, with the popularity and wide-spread usage of video games, it seems that this form of exercise has now become more popular than ever before.