Beauty – A Universal Concept

Beauty is the perception of beauty in nature. Beauty is most commonly defined as the aesthetic quality of objects which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects may be human works of art, nature, landscapes and sunsets. Beauty, along with aesthetic appreciation, is perhaps the most important theme of aesthetics, among the major branches of fine art. It is through beauty that we come to terms with the basic concepts of beauty; such as beauty, ugliness, truth, beauty, etc., that give us the ability to form an overall understanding of beauty.


Beauty is a very complex concept, since it can be perceived in a number of different ways in different cultures around the world. We can perceive beauty in the form of beauty in nature, as in the beautiful landscapes or sunsets. There are also those who feel the need to relate the beauty of a particular work of art or a human face with a specific culture or historical period. Beauty has a very important place in the contemporary aesthetics. For instance, in television advertising, beautiful women are often used to sell cosmetics or other beauty products to the fairer sex.

In photography, beautiful subjects are used to capture the beauty of various cultures and periods in history through photographic expression. When it comes to clothing, certain materials are chosen for their aesthetic appearance, just as certain colors are chosen for beauty in paint or different textures. In essence, beauty comes in the sense that the whole is greater than the individual part – whether it be a human body shape or a beautiful painting.