The Main Article in This Series

Gaming is one of the fastest growing markets around the world. In the last few years, games have evolved from being mostly text-based, so using both audio and graphical information, and even now to use both together. Video games can be found everywhere, from television, to the internet, to a mobile phone, to all manner of home appliances. This article will discuss the modern use of video games in a non-technical manner, to explain the phenomenon of video gaming.


The main article in this series will explore the phenomenon of online games, how they have changed the way we live our lives, and why the phenomenon is not just happening in the U.S. but in several other parts of the world including India. Today, one can find various types of video games available on various websites, from the simple ones that we play in our browsers to the complex ones that require specialized hardware, such as dedicated consoles for the Xbox and Play Station. For a long time, the traditional PC games were replaced by online games and this led to a huge rise in the popularity of this medium.

The most important thing about online gaming is that it has changed the way people live their lives. For starters, there are now entire communities that focus on playing these video games, often spending hours together, talking about the ups and downs of each game, discussing the best strategies, and generally enjoying themselves. Most online gaming communities are linked together through websites, and some of them even organize events where gaming is the central theme. Also, there are many companies that have made interactive electronic games based on various popular television shows and movies. For example, a company called Rockomat Entertainment has created an interactive game revolving around the TV show Lost, complete with actors such as Damon Wayans, Eiza Vallejo, and Edward Herrmann.