What Is A Sport?

Sports is generally defined as a contact sport in which an application of physical force is applied in pursuit of some goal. Many different types and sub-types of sports can be defined, and some sports are known as competitive sports. An individual who plays a game of basketball or tennis is a sportsman, while a professional in a particular sport is also a sportsman.


Professional sport involves professional players who earn a living by competing professionally, while casual players are generally not paid wages, but only get a profit from the sale of their team’s merchandise. Many people play games of various sports for money, either to exercise or for another reason. However, there are many people who play sports for fun, for the sheer excitement of it, and there are many organizations that govern these sports. There are several governing bodies that monitor and control different sports and competitions, especially in relation to rules, compensation, disqualification, and even equipment. These governing bodies include the FIDE (Federation of International Chess), the ITF (International Tennis Federation), the ITC (ITC Olympic Committee) and the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

While most people associate sport with contact sports like rugby and soccer, there are hundreds of other games that require the application of a certain level of physical activity. The word mind sports comes from the Greek word intellect, which means “a keen observant”. Some examples of games that require keen observance are chess and billiards. Many governing bodies of mind sports have standards of dress and attire worn in competitions and games, and the athletes are often required to follow these standards, as well.