The Impact of Sports on the Mind and Body

Sports are the physical activities engaged in by people during their leisure time. This can be for recreational, fitness or competitive reasons. There are numerous sports which one can participate in and enjoy these activities.

Sports are commonly defined as any physical activity which involves a level of physical competition, like basketball or netball. However, some other forms of physical competition and even some sports which involve mental stress are also categorized as sports. There are several governing bodies that regulate these sports and they regulate them on an annual basis. These governing bodies include the IFB (International Football Associations) and FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations). Each of these governing bodies offers different levels of membership to their respective sport clubs.

Each sport has specific rules and regulations which need to be followed. Some common physical activities which are part of sports include running, lifting weights, playing sports that involve throwing or catching, participating in a game of basketball or football, and playing sports which involve gymnastics. These games are played between people who are physically fit and those who are not. These games are a mixture of physical activities and mental activities. Therefore, it is not surprising that sports have such a huge influence on the minds of the people who love to engage in sports and participate in these games.