What Types of Sports Are Commonly Encouraged?

Sports refers to any physical activity undertaken for the purpose of improving performance, health, or social relationships. Sport can be broadly defined as a contact sport involving an intensity of physical activity at a level of competition much higher than that of a casual walk or even a game of touch football. Some sports are known as professional sports, and athletes in these sports generally earn a considerable amount of money and/or status (e.g., Olympic athletes). Others, though, are amateur athletics, where players may participate in organized competitions, or in sports for recreation.


Some common types of sports include contact sports like the game of football; bodybuilding and weightlifting; gymnastics and trampolining; and even field sports like lacrosse and soccer. Many of these have developed from a simple game of touch football, and while each of these sports has its own particular characteristics, they all share the general principles that underlie all forms of physical activity. In other words, all sports require skill, speed, and stamina. There are many different levels and types of physical activity, and these levels change with respect to competition. Amateur athletes are commonly regarded as casual sportswomen, while professional athletes are regarded as elite sportsmen.

The physical demands of sports can put a great deal of strain on the body. This is especially true for athletes in contact sports such as football or rugby, where the ball and the player’s body are actually moving at high speeds and distances. Athletes who perform on a regular basis in any of the above-mentioned sports are at increased risk for injury. Because of this risk, it is not uncommon for sports associations to offer monetary compensation to players as a way of helping to support their sports careers. However, while this form of support can be extremely helpful, in recent years there have been calls for sports professionals to receive greater protection from the athletes they train and play against on a regular basis.