How Important Are Sports To Society?

(used as a single verb with) Sports, (in a sentence) – to play; to engage in sports: Sports is very important in modern day life. The word “sport” has come to mean any and all physical activity. A popular type of this, particularly in the outdoors, is “discovery”. A recreational, entertaining pastime; recreation; diversion; even pleasant pastime. Who he said that sports took seriously was taken quite seriously indeed.


As time passed, and with the help of science and technology, sports began to develop their own terminology. We know today of “professional” sports as well as sports which are generally recognized as being of a less professional nature. And then there are “unprofessional” sports – the kind of thing that kids play. One would think that such a wide variety of sports should have its own “language” to distinguish itself from the others, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. It is even becoming accepted practice for coaches to give instructions in “standard” English to the teams playing in foreign nations where they are not native speakers of that language.

And now sports speak has taken on the language of professional and even fan athletes. Fans are no longer simply fans, they are worshipers. Some of them are so devout that they wear jerseys and other merchandise bearing the logo and colors of their favorite team. And even when they are away from home, they log onto a website or follow a star player on a Twitter feed and keep up with his games and adventures. There are even sites which allow fans to interact live with their favorite players and discuss the game with other enthusiasts. It is hard to overstate the importance of the influence of sports in our mass communication.