Types of Sports

Depending on the type of activity, many different kinds of activities can be considered sports. Some of the more traditional activities are cheerleading and golf, while others are simply pastimes. A wide range of disciplines are included in the broad category of sports, including motorsports, equestrian, and dance. Some of these sports are organized competitions, while others are not. The differences between sports and pastimes lie in the motivation and skill required to participate.


Some sports have rules and customs that ensure a fair competition, while others are more arbitrary. Rules help make sure the competition remains fair and consistent, while customs help decide who wins. While physical events often determine who wins, other types of sports require judges to score specific elements of a sporting performance. A judge may score a team or individual according to objective or subjective criteria. The definition of a sport is also important because it can have a profound impact on the culture and the economy of a country.

In the case of competitions, sport is governed by customs and rules. The rules of the game ensure a level playing field, while the customs and rules help to determine the winner. Some of these games are organized to provide entertainment for the spectators, while others are to improve physical health. There are hundreds of different types of sports, from those between single contestants to those involving many people. Some sports may involve only one team, while others may involve a multitude of contestants.