The Origin of Sports

The origin of sports is unclear. However, it is known that children have included them in their play for a long time. The art of prehistoric man depicts hunting and chasing prey with joy. It is evident from rich iconographic and literary evidence that sports became an end in themselves during ancient civilizations. The first games of sport may have been played for leisure, but as time went by, sports were more than games. In addition to entertainment, these games can help kids develop physical skills.


Moreover, these games and sports can also be viewed as a source of entertainment and fitness. Apart from providing fun and entertainment to participants, sports can improve physical health and overall fitness. There are hundreds of different sports, some of which involve single contestants while others involve hundreds of competitors. Some sports are contests between teams while others are between individuals. If a person is able to improve their physical fitness and health through these activities, it is considered a sport.

Throughout history, sports have been around. The earliest forms of sport are believed to have originated in China in 2200 BC. Gymnastics was a popular sport in the ancient times. In ancient Egypt, the pyramids indicate that sports were highly developed, including javelin throwing, wrestling, and high jumping. In the Ancient Persian world, there were also many types of games, including the Zoorkhaneh martial art and jousting. In recent years, motorised sports have taken over.