Appreciating Beauty Through Aesthetic Evaluation

In Greek mythology, Beauty is defined as timeless beauty, unchanging and eternally feminine. BEAUTY. explored the many natural beauty of this island throughout her life. She was, most likely, one of the most beautiful women of her day.


Her artwork is not only of great beauty but also of deep meaning. To anyone looking at her artwork, it will give the answer as to what sort of a person she was. For herself, she was always full of appreciation for all that she had achieved throughout her life. The same can be said of her works, which are in the process of being restored.

In this article, we are examining two women, both of whom had a tremendous effect on the aesthetics of art – one of great beauty and the other of moderate beauty. We are exploring, in a broader sense, how the beauty of our aesthetics can relate to the criteria of aesthetic beauty, as well as how the criteria of aesthetic beauty relates to the beauty of life itself. Through this lens, the beauty of art becomes a tool with which we can better evaluate the aesthetic quality or artistic quality of any work of art. This evaluation becomes particularly important, when we consider that the quality of an artwork is not necessarily the quality of its content, but the aesthetic quality inherent in the work itself…and, in so doing, allows us to see the importance of evaluating beauty within the parameters of aestheticism itself, in art’s objective nature.