Why Should Someone Write About Sports?

A sports movie is a fictional film genre which makes use of sports as the central theme of the movie. In it, a particular sport, popular sport, or fan of a particular sport are heavily involved, and that rely strongly on sports to some extent for their plot’s resolution or motivation. The term comes from the fact that the majority of viewers who enjoy the movie tend to be those who are attached to their particular sports team, and there is a real tendency for the characters in the movie to be associated with that team. There are various different genres which fall under the sports movie category, but most of them tend to center around some variation of a competitive sporting event.


The main theme of most such movies is the sport in question, especially if it is some kind of competitive sporting activity. The film is usually about how the sportsman comes to terms with the tension and stress which is associated with competing, whether it is about individual sportspeople versus a team, or about a group of athletes representing their country or other cultures. It may deal with any number of related themes, including the psychological effects which can be caused by intense competition, and the physical exertion required by victory. It may be set in any location which involves sports, such as a high school or college, a professional sporting arena, or an athletic facility, and may be made in any number of settings which people are familiar with – for example, it may be based on a professional wrestling ring, a major league baseball game, or even an ice hockey match.

The main article above covers the general topic of sports and what is meant by ‘fair play’. This article has briefly outlined just a few of the many different sub-genres which may be found under that umbrella. Sports can be anything you want them to be, including the things I have described above, but it is probably safe to say that if you are planning on writing a main article on sports, you will want to consider how to incorporate sportsmanship into your writing.