Learning About Sports and Sport Names

Sport refers to any activity involving strenuous physical activity, often involving contact with the sporting arena or physical aspect of an activity such as: gymnastics, handball, tennis, swimming, rugby, running and sports like hockey and American football. It can also include activities like fencing, motorcross, sailing, cycling, hiking and horseback riding. Sport can also be defined as the design, style, organisation, and choice of activities, sports or competitions. In recent years there has been growing interest in the participation in sport for health and well being through sports and exercise.


English is the principal language used in most English speaking countries, to speak about their sports, the most common sports being ice hockey, badminton, golf, tennis, polo and cricket. The term “sport” is now generally used in any informal speech and is frequently confused with “physical games”. It is therefore no surprise that there are numerous English terms relating to sports and activities. Many of these are derived from English words that already have another meaning in the fields of medicine, law and military services. These sports names are often used in official documents and in media reports.

There are many different kinds of sports and activities and many different types of people who take part in them. Almost everyone enjoys some form of sports or exercise and most participate actively in some form of sport or exercise at some time or another. As there are so many different types of sports and activities, it can be difficult to keep track of all the existing terms used to describe them. There are many different online resources available to help people learn more about specific sports and the terminology associated with them. For those looking for English descriptions of popular English words relating to sports and other activities, sports vocabulary lists are available.