Computer Games – What is Gaming?

What is gaming? Gaming can be defined as a style of play in which the participant participates in a simulation of an active experience in which their only goal is to beat or complete a complex set of challenges. A typical computer or video game is a computer or video game that involves interactive human interaction with some sort of external output device, such as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or infrared motion sensor. This type of computer or video game usually requires the participant to work cooperatively to beat or complete a challenge.


There are many different types of technology used to build gaming PCs and gaming consoles. The type of processor that is chosen for gaming will have a significant impact on the quality of gaming that a player can experience. Various types of AMD, Intel, and AMD RAM are available for use with AMD gaming computers while high speed Intel GMA series and GEMotherboard processors are required for gaming on Intel based systems.

Video cards are another important feature of a gaming computer system. Video cards are used to enhance the processing speed and performance of a computer by adding special hardware that enables the graphics card driver to communicate with the programs that use the graphics card for rendering graphics. Without the capability of using video cards in the gaming computer, the ability to play computer games would be severely limited. Therefore, many computer gaming computers contain video cards.