What is Gaming?

What is gaming? A computer game or video game is an interactive computer program that involves interaction with an external user interface or input device (such as a mouse, a hand held controller, keyboard, pointing device, or wireless motion sensitive device) to generate visual output. Gaming does not only involve playing computer games but also involves watching movies, taking part in virtual reality, playing strategy games, and exercising. Gaming does not only involve the technological know-how behind the creation of video games, but has also affected the marketing of the games.


Gaming has grown in popularity due to the development of new technology, the widespread availability of internet capabilities, the ability to play online multiplayer games, and the invention of online gaming communities and services. In early 2000s, most computer companies had already developed their own proprietary game engines to support online multiplayer gaming. As more companies started developing multiplayer games for personal computers, the field of MMORPG grew and today there are hundreds of these games available on the internet.

The first gaming console, the Atari, started the gaming market when it was released in early 1980s. The popularity of this console led to the development of more popular gaming platforms such as the Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. These gaming platforms enabled gamers to access a massive multi-player network that has over a billion people playing at any given time. The world of MMORPG has changed from what it was in early 1980s with the emergence of massively multiplayer online role playing games or MMORPGs.