What Is Sport?

The world of sports is vast and diverse, but it is sometimes difficult to define what constitutes a sport. There is no set definition of what is a sport, and some people argue that there are no real rules in sport. The European Council of Cultural Heritage (CEH) has a list of accepted activities. The list includes a variety of popular activities, including soccer, basketball, and swimming. But even among these activities, the concept of a sport is a grey area.


For many people, sport is not just a recreational activity. It is a competitive activity or game that is primarily played for entertainment and physical fitness. Hundreds of different sports are played throughout the world, ranging from single contestants to hundreds of participants at a time. There are also contests that involve two or more teams. Some sports are purely spectator events, while others involve a competition between two or more teams. However, most sports include at least one spectator per event.

A common definition for sport is that it is a physical activity that has a competitive element. Most sports are governed by rules, which ensure fair competition and consistency in adjudication of winners. A winning performance can be determined by a combination of physical events and a panel of judges. The scorers score various elements of a sporting performance, including speed, power, and skill. These factors, which are often subjective, can affect the final results.