Maintaining Good Health – Indicators of Chronic Disease

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a condition of “good health” that is maintained through proper nutrition and physical activity. In fact, a number of definitions have been utilized for such purposes over the years. In modern times, it has become a focus of medical and nutritional research and studies. It is often referred to as the Indicators of Chronic Disease or the TCOD. The Indicators of Chronic Disease list is a long and complicated one. Among the most common diseases that are included in the TCOD are Heart Disease, Hypertension, Lung Cancer, and Diabetes.


Many people consider health care to be something that they cannot afford because of its exorbitant cost. However, there is a lot of importance of public health services in maintaining good health. Studies have shown that life expectancy can be increased by several years simply through better health care.

Many people also tend to think that getting the best health care and nutrition is beyond their reach. However, with the assistance of modern technologies, this is not necessarily true anymore. There are many providers offering quality public health services, and people need not worry about the costs at all. Indeed, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and practices can go a long way in ensuring that individuals live longer, healthier lives.