Why Are People So Obsessed With Gaming?


Video games are a major part of American culture, with two-thirds of households owning a video-game console. Video games are even more popular than cable TV, according to the Keywords group, which wants to understand why gamers are so obsessed with the technology. Many people think of video games as pure, mindless time-wasters. But in reality, gaming involves skills and mental focus, and can be as healthy for your health as it is for your wallet.

Video games can improve people’s decision-making skills. While the brain responds quickly to game input, excessive gaming can lead to antisocial behavior. However, many video games promote the social aspect of gaming. Many games have social elements that make players work together to solve problems, and other players are even encouraged to engage in conversation with other players. This helps people build stronger social skills. Gaming can also help you lose weight, as physical exercise is also beneficial for the mind.

The first widely played video game was the electronic version of ping pong. It was relatively simple: the player moved a bar up and down to deflect a ball, while the opponent aimed to hit it on the opposite side of the screen. The video game became popular in the 1970s, and paved the way for the digital gaming industry of today. In addition to the Magnavox, other video games made their way to the public by the 1960s, including Taito’s Crown Special Soccer and Sega’s Periscope. These games, which were both designed for offline play, are now sold on Blu-ray media. They can also be downloaded from the Internet.