What Is Beauty?


What is beauty? Basically, it is the sense of beauty, the quality of something that makes it appealing to us. We experience beauty through our eyes, but it is not primarily a physical sensation that is felt in our skulls. Rather, beauty is an experience of the world that unites us to other objects and communities of appreciation. We perceive beauty in nature and in the world around us. There are many different kinds of beauty, but some are more universal than others.

Santayana thought beauty was an experience of pleasure, and it could be a deep experience, which gives meaning to life. However, we cannot always define beauty objectively. The experience of beauty is subjective, and it may differ in different people. Nevertheless, we should seek to understand it. This article will examine several important types of beauty, including the relationship between the objects themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of beauty.

Aristotle conceived beauty as the harmonious arrangement of its parts, forming an object with a balance of parts and a complete unity. Hedonism, on the other hand, views beauty as a direct relationship between the object’s value, its purpose and its loving attitude. As such, the concept of beauty has been evolving in recent centuries, with many philosophers still defining it in terms of its symmetry. The ancient Greek philosophers, like Plato, viewed beauty as the harmonious arrangement of parts and the unity of their forms.