The Concept of Health

The concept of health is an important foundation for a flourishing society. But it is also a subject of controversy. In the early Middle Ages, it was largely influenced by the church and religion. The church was the only major infrastructure left after the fall of the Roman Empire. The church gathered knowledge about remedies and reframed it up to the present. In the Industrial Revolution, the meaning of health changed. People began to associate good health with physical survival.


The concept of health consists of three distinct aspects. The first is the ability to perform basic tasks. The second is the capacity to adapt to one’s environment. Health is an individual’s ability to cope with stresses, to learn, and to sustain healthy relationships. The third is the state of health. Despite the many definitions of health, it remains the most controversial topic. Here are some definitions of health: – Well-being and physical activity.

– Social welfare. Several factors contribute to the wellbeing of a society. A healthy society fosters individual autonomy and dignity. The World Health Organization (WHO) adopted a formal definition of health in 1948. This was proposed by Dr Andrija Stampar, a Croatian scholar and one of the founding members of the organization. It is important to recognize that the two aspects of health have a direct relation to one another. It is essential to develop a social welfare system that focuses on both physical and mental wellbeing.