What Exactly Is Gaming?

What exactly is gaming? Gaming can broadly be understood to mean the application of playing games to enhance or entertain human beings. In other words, in gaming the game does not usually have any relation to reality, instead it is purely a technological device whereby humans interact with one another to derive some sort of entertainment from it. The emergence of video games and the associated technologies such as personal computers, gaming consoles and the internet have opened doors for video gaming to develop into an international business which now encompasses the entire world.


A typical computer game or video game is an electronically generated interactive program or user interface that usually involves interaction by a user with a computer or other device to produce visual output. The original concept of gaming arose from the game console, which is used to simulate the experience of playing real time strategy war games in a console-like format. Today, this term is commonly used to refer to any computer game which is commercially available and accessible over the Internet.

There are many genres of video games and multiplayer games are probably the most popular. Multiplayer games are multiplayer online games (MOGs) which allow two or more people to play the game at the same time on the same server. For instance, when playing a first person shooter (FPS) game players take control of a character and use that character to perform special moves and attacks. When using a FPS game as part of a multi player game, each player has a limited number of rounds in which to play and if all players run out of round in the same amount of time then the game is over. The major benefit of a multiplayer game over single player games is that all players can play the game together, which means that the game will be much more chaotic and interesting to play. However, the drawback is that since all the other players are playing the game at the same time the action can be slow and there may be a very small chance of a rare glitch or bug being present, which could potentially ruin the experience for a single player.