An Overview of the World of Sports

The game of sports has a long history going back at least to prehistoric times when people first started using tools and other paraphernalia designed to be used for sports. One type of sport that stands out from the rest is ice hockey, also known as ice hockey or ice boxing. Ice hockey is perhaps the oldest known sport, but it is certainly not the oldest or most popular sports in existence today. Sports like track and field, weightlifting, swimming, rugby, cricket, American football and soccer have all been known to exist as early as history can document, but today there seems to be a trend towards newer sports, especially those that require a high degree of speed, power and strength.


Association sports, such as football, basketball, American football and soccer, are common. These games require both agility and strength and although they do not require great physical ability, some people feel that these sports encourage a certain level of physical competition among players. Association sports also provide an outlet for socializing and are widely accepted across cultures. Cricket, another popular sports played among Americans, is also organized as teams and is popular in America. Cricket is known to be a very fun sport and is the most watched sport in the country. Another sport that is widely recognized and practiced throughout the United States is ice hockey, which was made popular by the US National Ice Hockey Team.

Sport is a category of activities that promotes fair competition among people, especially among those who have little or no contact with sports other than those listed here. Fair competition is important because it encourages people to participate in sports and it also makes sports more fun. The only problem with the above-mentioned types of sports is that they all require participants to be of a certain level of physical strength and agility. For these types of sports to have any chance of being a successful sport, it needs regular participation from a wide variety of people and each participant must also have the requisite physical ability needed. The United States is lacking in the sphere of professional sports and the small amount of Americans who participate in such sports represent a very small percentage of the population.