Escape Into a Different World With Video Gaming

In its most basic form a computer game is a video game console or computer program that entails interaction by a user with an input device or user interface to produce visual output on screen. These video games are usually played on personal computers or gaming consoles such as Play station and Nintendo Wii. There are many video games available and can range from the old generation of games such as Space Invaders and Breakout to newer games like the Sims and Guitar Hero. Gaming has become a massive phenomenon all over the world and has even spread into many different segments such as party games, social networking, and online multiplayer games. The reason for this is that video games have always been known to be a great source of amusement and relaxation and nowadays they have also been found to be a great stress buster.


Video gaming is a great stress reliever due to its innate design and structure. Video gaming involves controlled, repetitive movements which serve to de-stress and occupy one’s mind. In a recent survey it was concluded that the number of people suffering from stress is on the rise and that video gaming is one of the most prominent causes of this increase. The results of this survey also indicated that gaming is one of the best ways to combat stress as it helps gamers to kill time and relieve their boredom and frustration, which in turn helps them to remain calm and relaxed. This also goes to show that even if a person is not under heavy pressure at work or at home, playing computer games is a great way of reliving oneself and escaping into another world where one can forget about the stress around him.

With the rapid spread of the internet and the emergence of newer gaming platforms like Xbox, Play station, and Nintendo Wii, video gaming is now a part of the daily lives of millions of individuals worldwide. Gamers can now take on any challenge that lies in front of them and can even take on a persona and develop a persona in the midst of a battlefield if so desired. It is therefore not surprising to know that in today’s fast paced and high-paced world, people have found a great escape by playing video games, which not only relieves stress but also gives one a chance to escape into a different world where they can forget about the problems around them. This is why gaming has become very popular with people all over the world.