Why Do People Think Of Beauty in Various Ways?

Beauty is the aesthetic object worthy of admiration. It is often defined as an irresistible quality of specific objects, which makes these objects pleasing to see. These objects include beautiful sunsets, beaches, human faces and works of art. Beauty, along with personal taste and aesthetics, is the most significant part of aesthetics, among the major fields of philosophy. Philosophy deals mainly with the nature of reality and the relationship between the mind and the world.

The word beauty comes from a Greek word which means beautiful. The etymology of this word is ‘gosikos’ which means lovely. Thus, beauty in the Greek language is associated with the feelings and emotions of pleasure. This is why we find that when a Greek bride wears her wedding jewelry, it makes her more beautiful. The idea of beauty that we have in our minds with regard to Greek philosophy is therefore linked with women and their attractiveness.

In modern times, the definition of beauty has become connected with beauty, the quality of feeling beautiful and being beautiful. Thus, a beautiful woman can feel beautiful and be beautiful. The word beauty, in this sense, refers to the quality of being desirable.