Sports As a Type of Physical Activity

The word “sports” is derived from the Latin root – “sport” – and denotes a particular sport or recreational activity, typically organized for the enjoyment of the participants, as well as a recreation of the physical environment. Sports can be divided further into various categories, depending on the kinds of physical activities that may be included in the activity. Among the most common sports are ice skating, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, water skiing, sailing, motorcycling, mountain climbing, fencing, golf, gymnastics, hockey, rugby, wrestling, surfing and track and field. These are only a few of the countless types of sports and physical activities people can take part in. Sports can also be competitive or non-competitive.

Sport (or mind sports) is any forms of organized or casual competitive physical activity that, through either organized or unorganized participation, attempt to employ, develop or enhance mental ability and abilities while also providing entertainment to participants, and sometimes, spectators. There are many different organizations that classify sports into several categories, with each having its own underlying principles and rules. Some of the most prominent and popular sports are football, ice hockey, basketball, ice dancing, baseball, softball, boxing, motor-car racing, track and field and wushu. Professional and college sports often have governing bodies that set standards for these activities and set rules by which competitors may compete.

Regardless of the kinds of sports involved, sports competition should fairly be conducted according to fair competition, which is defined as the level of difficulty which the participant is able to achieve, within the prescribed limitations. Fair competition is important because it serves as a standard against which others are measured, allowing the participant to compare his performance with those of his or her peers. If you want to participate in a sports competition, then you should first make sure that it is fair, both in terms of rules and spirit. You should also make sure that you have the proper equipment necessary to ensure your safety while you engage in this activity.