When Did Sports Become a Game?

The word sports has become synonymous with games that involve physical activity. Different types of sports help the body in different ways, and children play all sorts of games. There is no clear beginning or end to the history of sports. The early history of sports can be traced to the time of prehistoric hunters. These images depict them chasing prey with joy and abandon. Ancient civilizations developed a culture of hunting, which later evolved into sport. But when did it become a game?


In general, sport is a competitive activity or game. The object of these activities is to improve physical ability, provide entertainment and improve the health of participants and spectators. There are hundreds of different types of sports, including games that involve a single participant or several hundred. Some sports are contests between two teams. Others may be played between a team. No matter what type of sport a person enjoys, it will benefit his or her physical fitness.

Historically, sports have been played on many continents and are a significant source of entertainment. According to artifacts found in ancient China, there was sport – and gymnastics was especially popular. Ancient Egypt also had sports, and the pyramids of the Pharaohs show that these sports were highly developed. Some of the oldest games include wrestling, high jump, and javelin throwing. The Ancient Persians, for their part, practiced a martial art called Zoorkhaneh. And since the modern age, motorised sports have developed as well.